Over the years, TBH has developed into a cultural hub for the growing Latino community, providing Houston’s residents and visitors alike with a stable center from which wonderful, vitalizing activities and programs can radiate throughout the community. Through the celebration of Latino arts and culture, future generations will be able to learn from it, appreciate it, and respect its contributions to Houston’s changing population. Performances and exhibits act as a catalyst for on-going dialogue surrounding current local, state, and national Latino issues. They nurture and educate the rapidly increasing Latino community in Houston in order to reduce inequalities and prevent it from becoming a new urban underclass. TBH is truly a gathering place for cultural renewal and the safe exploration of hopes, dreams, and struggles. 

It unites people of diverse racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. 


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The mission of Talento Bilingüe de Houston is to educate all by preserving, presenting and promoting Latino Cultures through the performing, visual and literary arts.

Founded in 1977 as a small troupe as "Teatro Bilingüe de Houston"

In 1977 a group of 22 local artists, led by Arnold Mercado, came together to create a forum for the production and promotion of Latino Cultural Arts. Originally called Teatro Bilingüe de Houston, the organization’s early activities included traveling theatre productions and working with at-risk youth utilizing street theatre techniques. Over the years, the name was changed to Talento Bilingüe de Houston (TBH). The non-profit organization’s rich history has been marked with impressive program growth and continual facility expansion. In 1995, TBH acquired a 16,000 square foot leased facility from the City of Houston Entertainment Facilities Department, located less than a mile from downtown Houston. In 1996, a $992,000.00 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) enabled the redevelopment of the facility, which now features a 300-seat theatre, rehearsal space, art gallery exhibit space, a video and film editing suite, dance studio, photography and darkroom suite, commercial kitchen, and administrative offices. In 2005, an additional CDBG of $170,000 was awarded to TBH to construct a 4,000 square foot wing that houses a large dance rehearsal studio and storage area. 


The agency has built positive significant collaborations with various theatre groups, arts organizations, environmental groups, educational institutions, businesses, and marketing groups. Recent unprecedented partnerships with the Houston Grand Opera and Opera in the Heights expanded cultural programming and exposed audiences to world-class talent. Performances have received outstanding reviews, such as the production of the fable Bocon, which was voted Best Bilingual Production by the Houston Press in 2010. TBH is currently embarking on a new strategic planning process to ensure its ongoing success. 


For over 40 years, Talento Bilingüe de Houston has maintained a strong cultural arts presence in Houston and today it is well known as a full service, multidisciplinary Latino Cultural Arts Center. It continues to be committed to presenting cultural arts that reflect the living tradition and experiences of Houston’s growing Latino citizenry. In addition, it is a popular destination venue for other multicultural organizations and international visitors. Last year, over 33,500 onsite and offsite audience’s lives were enriched by its performances, exhibits, and educational programs.