Over the years, TBH has developed into a cultural hub for the growing Latino community, providing Houston’s residents and visitors alike with a stable center from which wonderful, vitalizing activities and programs can radiate throughout the community. Through the celebration of Latino arts and culture, future generations will be able to learn from it, appreciate it, and respect its contributions to Houston’s changing population. Performances and exhibits act as a catalyst for on-going dialogue surrounding current local, state, and national Latino issues. They nurture and educate the rapidly increasing Latino community in Houston in order to reduce inequalities and prevent it from becoming a new urban underclass. TBH is truly a gathering place for cultural renewal and the safe exploration of hopes, dreams, and struggles. 

It unites people of diverse racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. 


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TBH represents local and regional artists through a vibrant series of art exhibitions displayed in the TBH gallery. Previous displays have included individual artists such as Mexican painter Pablo Almeida, Mexican photographer Julia Vizcarra, Frida Kahlo, and Venezuelan printmaker Jose Rodriguez. Group shows have featured the Children’s Prison Art Project and the annual Et Voila Theater Exhibit. Approximately 8 new exhibitions were featured during the 2013-14 season, which complimented the productions.