Over the years, TBH has developed into a cultural hub for the growing Latino community, providing Houston’s residents and visitors alike with a stable center from which wonderful, vitalizing activities and programs can radiate throughout the community. Through the celebration of Latino arts and culture, future generations will be able to learn from it, appreciate it, and respect its contributions to Houston’s changing population. Performances and exhibits act as a catalyst for on-going dialogue surrounding current local, state, and national Latino issues. They nurture and educate the rapidly increasing Latino community in Houston in order to reduce inequalities and prevent it from becoming a new urban underclass. TBH is truly a gathering place for cultural renewal and the safe exploration of hopes, dreams, and struggles. 

It unites people of diverse racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. 


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  • Art Ornelas

The Mariachi Festival

This weekend TBH presented one of the best mariachi groups in Texas, MARIACHI 7 LEGUAS, out the Rio Grande Valley. Hosted by FORD, the sellout crowd enjoyed regional Mexican favorites by Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez, Cornelio Reyna. Also, going on stage for a special performance was VANESSA ALONZO, she has performed with the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza, New York City Opera and the Fort Worth Opera. TBH’s own COMPANIA FOLKLORICA ALEGRIA MEXICANA, CFAM, directed by Isidro Salas, dazzled the crowd with dances typical of Nuevo Leon, Monterey and Tampico. Contact Information: http://www.mariachi7leguas.com; http://facebook.com/VANESSALONZO; cfamisidrosalas@gmail.com; www.TBHCENTER.ORG;INFO@TBHCENTER.ORG