Over the years, TBH has developed into a cultural hub for the growing Latino community, providing Houston’s residents and visitors alike with a stable center from which wonderful, vitalizing activities and programs can radiate throughout the community. Through the celebration of Latino arts and culture, future generations will be able to learn from it, appreciate it, and respect its contributions to Houston’s changing population. Performances and exhibits act as a catalyst for on-going dialogue surrounding current local, state, and national Latino issues. They nurture and educate the rapidly increasing Latino community in Houston in order to reduce inequalities and prevent it from becoming a new urban underclass. TBH is truly a gathering place for cultural renewal and the safe exploration of hopes, dreams, and struggles. 

It unites people of diverse racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. 


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Out Of School Program



HOLA is a project of Talento Bilingue de Houston (TBH), an organization with more than 38 years serving as a hub for local artists working in tandem to augment Latino arts.  The leadership of TBH has agreed to focus on promoting, enhancing and discovering talent. HOLA will actively recruit artist, organize bi-weekly aficionados (talent shows) and offer participants an opportunity to qualify for the annual HOLA Awards Ceremony.  



Latinos are the fastest growing population representing more than 20 countries, making up the most diverse subgroup on the continent, with a political clout that impacts presidential elections with a colossal spending power of 1.4 trillion annual dollars. There is no doubt Latinos are ardent supporters and fans of the film industry making up 25% of the movie ticket buyers in America. And yet, as most Latino media professionals agree, Latinos are underrepresented in all of the vast panorama of the media from Hollywood to cable television.


HOLA Talent Committee

Committee members preform several vital roles in the artistic development of the HOLA members.  Beginning with an audition/interview in which the artist introduces a bio, auditions, and discusses future goals.   The committee may offer advice, continual training and or recommend artist to enlist as a contestant in the aficionados.



A continual talent venue providing HOLA members  an opportunity to showcase their talents and work towards qualification for the Annual HOLA Awards. 



As part of the national Hispanic awareness month, the HOLA Annual Awards will commemorate its annual ceremony in conjunction with Talento Bilingue de Houston’s annual gala. The night begins with a red carpet pageant including HOLA contestants, celebrities, and the guest of honor --a notable celebrity who will officiate the “Entrega de los Premios HOLA. ”