Over the years, TBH has developed into a cultural hub for the growing Latino community, providing Houston’s residents and visitors alike with a stable center from which wonderful, vitalizing activities and programs can radiate throughout the community. Through the celebration of Latino arts and culture, future generations will be able to learn from it, appreciate it, and respect its contributions to Houston’s changing population. Performances and exhibits act as a catalyst for on-going dialogue surrounding current local, state, and national Latino issues. They nurture and educate the rapidly increasing Latino community in Houston in order to reduce inequalities and prevent it from becoming a new urban underclass. TBH is truly a gathering place for cultural renewal and the safe exploration of hopes, dreams, and struggles. 

It unites people of diverse racial, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. 


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After School Program Mariachi Juvenil '18

Grades 4 & 5 Pilot Program

Bruce Elementary & Crespo Elementary

“Better Education through Arts”

About the TBH After School Program Mariachi Juvenil: The program is designed for students in the performing arts in the 3rd and 4th grade. Students will experience classes in music.  This program will allow students the freedom to learn, explore and study next to local working artists.   Pending item: Houston Parks and Recreation will provide a free snack each day. 


About the Staff/Volunteers:  The TBH Staff/Volunteers will act as a collaborator and has been selected to offer assistance in the performing visual arts curriculum with the instructor present.  The staff experience in total is over 50 years.  TBH will continue with its first come, first serve policy with regards to registration, and registrations will not be complete until one week of camp fees have been paid in full. 

Acerca del programa extracurricular TBH Mariachi Juvenil: El programa está diseñado para estudiantes de artes escénicas en 3 ° y 4 ° grado. Los estudiantes experimentarán clases de música. Este programa les permitirá a los estudiantes la libertad de aprender, explorar y estudiar junto a artistas locales que trabajan. Artículo pendiente: Houston Parks and Recreation proporcionará un bocadillo gratis todos los días.

Acerca del personal / Voluntarios: El personal / voluntarios de TBH actuarán como colaboradores y han sido seleccionados para ofrecer asistencia en el plan de estudios de artes visuales con el instructor presente. La experiencia del personal en total es de más de 50 años. TBH continuará con su política de primer llegado y primer servicio con respecto a la inscripción, y los registros no estarán completos hasta que se pague una semana de las tarifas del campamento en su totalidad.

For information contact TBH at 713.222.1213 or Maria Garcia at  MariaG@TBHCENTER.ORG